Adaptation to you

Informations provide better service for you. We consider informations valuable for which we ask you for permission to use your informations when you are using our services to identify you as a person.

Asking permission is simple way which guarantees you understand active measures of protection of your private data while you use our services.

What is our data processing?

We want you to have full insight in what data we colect and how we use them. This transparency guarantees your trust because you using our services at the moment you are providing us your informations. Our responsibility is to clearly display which data we collect and what is their purpose.

Primarily, we collect three important informations: our search on web page, informations of the device and timeframe in which you access our services. Processing this data we improve your experience on our web page.

Which data do we collect?

We differentiate three types of data in our processing and collecting informations, which are important to us for research: personal informations, pseudo informations and anonymous data.

Personal informations are fragments you give us in polls, according to your permission, like email, your first name and last name, age, gender and other informations, which represent pallete of informations on which basis is possible to determine your identity.

Pseudo informations are informations which do not have connection that we can use to determine your identity, but with additional data processing, it is theoretically possible to find your profile identity. Anonymous data do not show any characteristics of your identity.

Basic data security measures

We collect your data guided by principle of minimization of data collection. So, we only collect data that is necessary. All of collected data is layered in two bases.

One base contains personal and pseudo informations, which with further processing, we separate into hubs of data to have higher abstraction of information sources. This procedure guarantees better management of your informations and higher level of anonymity. Except this groupation, in more abstract categories, this base contains daily encription measures and further pseudonymisation procedures in base of personal informations.

Other base is anonymous, in which we cannot determine your identify we conduct detailed analytical processing.

Informations that are collected automatically

We and our partners (like advertisers, research companies and analytic company) can automatically collect specific informations about your device or browser. When you access our services, we automatically collect some amount of data in purpose of understanding process of usage our services, in order to adapt your experinece receiving ads, which because of this process, has more personalized content.

General information collection is without identity, except if we identify you as specific user whose informations then treat as Personal informations. We use general informations for different purposes, including problem diagnostics of our server and software, for collecting demographic informations and for accessing ads servers, including reports which tell us how many ads you watched and which ones did you click independently of device you are using to access our services.

In case of using your Personal informations, we use them according to your permissions where we clearly state purpose, time of using, method of processing and the name of partners which will have access to the informations. In that case, you have all rights to withdraw your permit and modification, deleting or any action and rights which General Data Protection Regulation regulate.

Saving informations and cookies policies

Cookies and local storage can be set on your device in order to identify number of your visits to our services. We use cookies exclusively in purpose to secure dispersed measures on big sets of users.

During your first visit to our services, this can be used to identify connection of your device. Basic settings of your browser are usually set to automatically accept cookies. These settings of your browser is possible to change according to specifications of used browser. In case of declining cookies, your visit will be identified as a new every time you visit our services which reduces our analytic precision so we present is as statistical error.

Types of used cookies: Social networks cookies, functionality cookies, analytics cookies, ads and tracking cookies.

Social networks cookies: this type of cookies is used in case when you share informations using one of many social networks using button "share" or "like" while using our services or when you connect your social network account with some of our services.

Social network marks that type of record through this solution.

Functionality cookies: this type of cookies enable our services to save your selection so you don't have to fill same poll more than once. Also, it enables saving of your language preferences of content.

In some cases, we use it in order to display you results of poll. Purpose of this cookie type is to reduce your frustration selecting already previously selected elements.

Analytics cookies: this type of cookies collect traffic data on our services. These cookies do not collect data of individual user but automatic agregation of traffic on our services.

Purpose of collecting this data is to help us determine demographic image of our web page in order to focus or expand structure.

Ads and tracking cookies: this type of cookies enables us connecting your search history and habits with ads servers to present you ads according to your preferences.

This type of cookies can collect informations of your location and according to that can offer personalised content of web ads. More informations for setting, editing or deleting cookies, you can find on All About Cookies or Your Online Choices.

Informations you choose to share with us

Our services are available even without your identity or revealing informations with which somebody can determine you as specific user that is possible to identify.

In case you want to provide us your informations, then you deliver them in exactly defined amounts of informations we categorize as Personal data (for example: your first name and last name together with e-mail address) for specified unique purpose. We use your personal data exclusively according to your permission whose content is visible and accessible in clear and visible place while filling in your informations. In this process, full data of our data protection officer are available to you, which gives your all rights that General Data Protection Regulation regulate.

We use your data in purpose of improving our services and we deliver them to third parties exclusively with clearly defined purpose in permission and possibility for your permission withdraw how it was defined by GDPR.

Also, deleting this data on your request also deletes data from third party when you submit request to our data protection officer which informs you of your rights that GDPR regulate about completion or status of deleting process in reasonable time frame.

Apart from this narrow definiton of Personal informations, using forms you can provide extended amount of Personal informations which helps us process form and poll questions which we also use according to your permissions with all provided data by you.

Detailed consultations about practice and rights you can also check with our data protection officer, available on Contact page on our website.

Informations we get from third parties

In case of receiving your informations from third parties is subject of your permissions that you gave to third parties and in case when IDEA VERUM is in role of data processing.

Our business practice is that these cases we clearly channel through basic user permissions of our partner with who we have clearly defined agreement of respecting regulations that GDPR regulates. In case of this access to our services this is applied privacy policy.

Using informations

Process of collecting informations, including Personal infromations and statistical informations of using services, benefits us to process informations in orderd to improve user experience and improvements of our services.

This process includes answering your questions, complaints or uncertainties of data protection rules. With your permission, and to enable accurate analytics, we use your data as our highest value. We use your informations for statistical comparison of accuracy of phone polls of our partners to imrpove general accuracy of commercial and scientific research to improve level of prosperity in society.

Ability to stop using our services

Ability to stop using our services is always available, and our procedures are adjusted to possibility of stopping usage of our services. Case of identification of you as new user happens in case when you change device you use to access our services.

This happens when your data are in pseudo or anonymous database and there is no way to overcome inability to identify you as user who consciously decided to stop using our services. In case when you legitimately enable access to your Personal infromations, in any moment you can have insight in all informations we collect about you.

Using this right is available through contact form on Contact page.

Security measures

Our services have commercial high standards of security to prevent loss of your Personal infromations, their usage in illegitimate purpose or unauthorized access. With full respect of GDPR as minimization of collecting informations, pseudonymisation, daily database encryption, reconfiguring maps into hubs and other measures - we cannot guarantee that your data is 100% secure.

This practice simply doesn't exist in digital space. What we guarantee is to do our best to secure your data as regulated by GDPR, even more than required by regulations. Here it is important to emphasize that you will be notified in period of 72 hours in any cases of corruption or theft of your informations.

In case you notice in any moment that you feel insecure because of procedure of collecting informations, please contact us by e-mail for data protection available on under Contact form on contact page.

Sensitive Personal informations and children protection

Sensitive personal informations is category that we protect with great care, but at the same time we are aware that it is principle of mutual benifit when that type of information is shared.

According to general permission , we encourage you to consider your wish to share this type of informations. This type of informations we do not collect anywhere explicitly, but correlation connection of your answers can happen with statistical methods from which is possible to get "expanded" image of your informations.

This type of base is very useful in market research or with helping scientific researches, but we encourage that only legitimate way of collecting and processing this sensitive informations is by your permission. Informations we get by this method are always followed by highest security standards.

Case of protecting children privacy is in our context very rare and we do not recommend filling out polls and forms with informations of underaged persons, especially without control of parents or guardian. Information category of age we consider sensitive Personal informations so according to minimization of data collecting in most cases we do not ask for age of user, except when it is required by specific context of poll or form.

In case when parent or guardian of underaged child realises that with form or poll they provided sensitive informations of uderaged person, we appeal them to contact us through e-mail for data protection so we can delete provided informations as soon as possible through Contact form on our contact page.

Privacy of data we collect

Analytic part of our service functions in a way that our data about us we do not deliver not even to state services, if it's not regulated by law for national security or in case of criminal prosecution.

Our team performs security encryption check every day. Sharing your information only works with your permissions and by legally defined procedures of sharing data through GDPR.

Exceptions are Corporate Binding Rules of our partners, when we notify you exactly about procedure in which our partner takes your data defined by your permissions, also according to GDPR. In case you don't want to use our analytic service, we suggest using opt-out solution like Chrome addon available on this link.

Using your IP address

Every device in event of accesing Internet uses specific protocol which we call IP. Location of address almost always has characteristic of country identification which the protocol was established.

Besides country, with IP address are most often connected city and in case of federal states state or region. Ip address use almost all internet places as base identificator so it's general availability is independent of analytic service of IDEA VERUM.

Case of masking IP address gives owners of web content which use analytic services IDEA VERUM and possibility that IDEA VERUM analytics give only part of IP address so that your data can be even more secured. In our partner relations we recommend this practice but cannot guarantee it.

In case of data leak

Following minimization in collecting data and distribution of basic collected data in pseudo hubs, our solution is designed as "privacy by default" solution.

Cases of hardware failure, natural disaster and similar threats of your data require backups of our databases. Bases of Personal data and pseudo data are encrypted by highest commercial criteria which is our highest dimension of security.