We offer you great working experience with us

You will never find yourself in the dark while working with us, since our main goal is to listen our clients and figure out exactly what is their needs, even when clients themselves are not exactly sure what they need

We offer wide range of our services that you may find appealing to enhance your business opportunities and reach potential clients or investors easier.


Creating websites from simplest to big and complex forms. If you need website for your company or product you want to push out in public to reach your customers or perhaps create your own personal website or blog we've got you covered.

We pay great attention to design of your website to shine spotlight on you for world to see. With website you also get starter technical SEO setup for better exposure on search engines.

Web Applications

We have several large scaled web applications behind us, so we know what it takes to create rich and great web application. We will pay close attention to your needs and details to tailor web application perfectly to your needs. We keep everything secure and organized, so you don't have to worry about that just let us handle heavylifting.

To list few of our biggest web application projects those are Economica Hungarica and Zaštita Podataka.

Mobile Applications

We offer you mobile development for iOS and Android platforms. In most cases, we use cross-platform solutions to handle small and medium sized mobile applications, to speed up development and reduce costs for you.

In some cases, native applications are required and we do that as well. In most cases, we create mobile applications that accompany website or web application we created for you, to help you keep track of your sales, connections or any other information that is critical for you at any time.

For every project we have defined pipeline we work on. Upon contacting us we will happily talk over whole project idea you have and cover all phases of it's development. We are sometimes annoying with amount of questions but we are doing that to precisely define your needs to make project as successful as it can be.

We use world recognized tools for every service listed above